My ex. bike : Suzuki RF900R: (2000-2004) :(...

Suzuki wrote:

All-Out Performance With the Look of Luxury

   It could be a scene out of a movie. A man and a woman traveling two-up have stopped by a river at sunset. The sky is crimson, and fiery clouds streak across the sky. They sit back on the grass, enjoying nature's spectacle. In the foreground is their bike - a Suzuki RF900R - with the flowing lines of its bodywork bathed in the glow of dusk.
    The RF900R fits this scene perfectly because it's virtually a work of art itself. Its sculpted curves and the exquisite quality of its fit and finish combine to make it a luxury sport bike without equal.  In this case, form is devoted above all to function - its bodywork and aerodynamic fairing manage air flow and produce a remarkably comfortable riding position. And in an ideal example of seamlessly integrated elements, the frame's innovative twin-tube design allows the fuel tank to be carefully contoured to the rider's knees.
    As refined as the RF900R is, it also has all-out sport performance that will give you an adrenaline charge with the twist of your wrist. Its 16-valve liquid-cooled engine has a straight, downdraft intake tract that provides extremely efficient cylinder charging, crisp throttle response and abundant low-end and mid-range performance.
    If your wanderings take you to the back roads, so much the better. The RF900R has advanced suspension systems front and rear, including cartridge-type forks with adjustable rebound damping. In addition, its engine is mounted with a 19-degree slant, which lowers the center of gravity and helps provide an optimum front-to-rear weight bias. The result? The prospect of riding down a twisty back road fills you with anticipation of an adventure to relish.
    So paint yourself in your own backdrop, complete with the scenery of your dreams, your favorite riding companions, and an RF900R.

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